yesterday i was traveling halfway across the country

so i wasnt able to follow up on some of the questions that some of you had regarding comments in blogs.

so here goes.

there are several ways to be a pussy ass bitch regarding comments.

the grandaddy of them all is to be an anonymous negative commentor. that is someone who strolls into a blog, says something negative and doesnt leave a real email address, blog address and/or real name.

theres no reason to be this much of a pussyass. we’ve discussed this before, at length.

but whats funny is theres always an asshole and his friend who will try to defend the practice by saying something completely stupid like, “well shit tony, if you dont want people to say fucked up shit, you shouldnt have open comments where people dont need to register.”

uh, no. thats not a good excuse.

my real name is tony pierce. i have several ways to be contacted. you can write me at tony at tony pierce dot come, you can write me at busblog at gmail dot com you can even write me at

you can send me your panties, nudes, cash, loveletters, your bands cds, dvds, christmas gifts, or even kwanza gifts to 4845 Fountain Ave. #15, Hollywood CA 90029.

you can leave comments here at the busblog or on my Buzznet account at

i am as open a book as can be.

im not in hiding like a jagoff like negative anonymous commentors. and its not because i dont talk shit, because you know from yesterday i talk hella shit. infact i talk more shit than probably anyone.

i said i was glad ronald reagan was dead when he died, i said i was glad the pope was dead when he died, and i even said i wasnt all that happy that the chicago white sox won the world series last year.

pretty much nothing that a negative commentor could say could equal the ire that those statements could create.

but the reason that pretty girls want to make out with me, and people read my shit, and my books sell, and people jockey to hire me, is because a) im right about my beliefs b) if im not 100% right im funny in how i present my arguements c) i have the courage to put my fucking name next to what i say

and my precious email address.

which brings us to the chickenshits of the anonymous negative commentors who say that one reason that they dont want to leave their email address next to their bullshit is because of spam – either man made hate mail or computer generated annoyances.

earth to idiot: youre full of shit.

yes its true that i have a pretty healthy following. and its also true that im an xbi agent who has a lot of friends. and its true that i have readers of all walks of life including fans who work in the armed forces, the heavilly armed forces, and some who like me work in the shadows between good and evil.

trust me when i say that we’re not at all interested in having an email war with your pansy ass.

similarily i have had the busblog rolling since August of 2001, and it has had comments since August of 2001. since its inception ive had comments that produce hundereds of comments each week. not once have i had anyone ever say that their email address got spammed because they left a comment on this blog.

and you know what, if you get a little spam in your box, delete it. this is 2005. nearly 2006, spam is one of the very small annoyances of living in this modern world, yes you might get a few penis enlargement ads sent to your ass, but its probably because of some dumbshit thing you signed up for through aol and not because you left your email address on the busblog.

and genius, there are several ways to get around spam like doing something so elementary that i cant even believe im wasting this second by teaching you this but here goes. if your email addy is, in the busblog comments just type it slightly off like jagoff@jaggoff.con or jagoff@jaggoff[removethis].com

children know this.

so yes, if youre going to say something stupid and negative, leave your name. and leave your email address. and if youre really a tough guy, leave your web address or myspace page. otherwise you will be called names and they will be accurate.

just because i have open comments doesnt mean that im asking for idiots to hide from the bushes and snipe at me. i have open comments for one reason – so that hot babes can hide in the bushes and tell me that they love me.

but thats not an anonymous negative comment, that is an anonymous positive comment. those are allowed. theyre allowed in the real world too.

just like you wouldnt drop an envelope under someones door and say “youre fat” and not sign it, you shouldnt do that on the web. not only isnt it nice, but thats a dick move.

however, if you wanted to send someone some flowers and a note that says “youre hot and im too shy to say it in person,” that would acceptable.

im all in favor of constructive criticism. yes ive been blogging for a little bit longer than the next guy, and yes people call me the blogfather, but i dont buy it. im not in the technorati 100, im not making $100k a year off my ads, and im not getting that much pussy off my shit. so obviously i have a ways to go.

but i will never listen to someone who doesnt have the guts to put their name next to their whines. ever. especially someone who hides behind the fucked up excuse that they dont want to leave their email address because theyre afraid of retrobution or spam.

i have far bigger fish to fry than to waste my talents getting caught up in an email flame war with some ass who doesnt even have a blog.

i would much rather make a post about it, educate the kids, re-establish the tone and groundrules of the busblog, and then link people who have said something nice about me.

and yes, on average its right to ignore the one or two naysayers in the peanut gallery, but every now and then its good to remind people that its your house, that you have rules, and that you are the master of your domain. literally. and if you can write better than the chickenshits, you should whomp their asses so visciously that no one else dare poke their stupid fucking heads out of that molehole.

its one reason why you dont see alot of bullshit in these comments.

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