lost and sopranos friday

so beware as there are spoilers

both shows had great episodes, but lost wins this week because of its dramatic final minutes.

why did michael do it? why did he do that first thing? i understand the second thing was an accident, but why did he do the third thing?

my mom thinks hes brainwashed. i just wanna know why one of the few brothas has to be the villan. first it was the latina and now it’s my man. wtf jj?!?!?

jk. i had a feeling that things were going to not go well for the tough chick since shes a movie star and all that but i didnt think it was gonna go down like that. how bizarre.

i do like that the prisoner henry was sort of the inpetus surrounding all of this. i like it because it shows you that anyone who walks into the Lost storyline can be a huge means of change. it reminds us that everyone is on eggshells and therefore skittish to any outsider especially an Other.

jj abrams was on Howard Stern this week and said that there is an end of Lost, that they do know where they want to go with it all, that they do know how the hatch got there, what its for, what the numbers mean, everything. he said about 5 other execs know the answers and a few of the writers. but thats it.

he says that even though they know that they want to get to the top of the mountain, once you start climbing you realize that there are a bunch of different mini paths on the way that you’d never see from the begining of the trek.

now to the sopranos, the gayest show on tv.

i dont mind that its gay. i didnt mind that the fat guy can somehow get the fireman cook perfect guy and most of us dont have a date this weekend.

i like that tony’s son finally tried to do something with his life but i didnt really believe it. i believed that he passed out in the mens room, but i didnt believe that he would actually try to wack someone. like tony says, hes a good boy. i did like that while he was messing around with his buddy at blockbuster he knew some videogame moves with the knife, and i laughed when he talked about range of motion, but i think in order to actually consider killing anyone youd have to have something in your heart that is very different than what this overfed rich-kid has inside his.

there needs to be at least a shred of evil.

evil is when you can take a strippers head and bash it against a parking lot rail repeatedly, evil is when you can leave someone in the street but before you do you pee on them, evil is when you can put a chef’s hand in boiling sauce.

tony’s son is far more able than cain. therefore if i were to have written Sundays episode i would have had him struggle better with that desire to be tougher when indeed all he really cares about is video games and girls. or i would have had him explain more why he was pissed at junior – more than the simple fact that he tried to kill tony. everyone knew junior was old and crazy. and if tony has no ill feelings for him noone should have.

finally i want to see more meadow. shes my girlfriend. if youre going to have all this gay shit going on you better show me more meadow getting it on with her boyfriend or fighting with him at the pool or tanning with her girlfriends complaining about her tough life.

the music is starting to fall off too.

i expect it will get better. regardless, this has been a killer season.

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