whoops i forgot to tell you one of the most important rules of stopwatch

britney you cant play and then tell the results.

not immediately at least.

but lets just say that the young lady involved, this morning, was informed that she was playing a very good round of stopwatch. i told her the rules, and some of the strategies, and some of the world records. and i told her that i may have thrown this round a little because i didnt want to come across as some creepy old man.

even though im definately a creepy old man playing a creepy game.

strangely she didnt seem to mind. life is very weird. sometimes people are exactly the way you want them to be. sometimes theyre not at all who you want them to be. sometimes theyre too good to be true so you say, sir, im going to have to check your package to see if youve got more than i have. and sometimes the lady lets you check it and thankfully theres nothing down there but a gstring. and thats when you can go back to your game.

however i still try to find faults in people who seemingly have none. this particular visitor to our fair city seems to have no faults. and trust me, ive examined as closely as i could. ive got beakers bubbling, ive got tubes with loop-de-loops and colored liquids shooting through there analyzing data, ive got old mainframe computers spinning around huge wheels of tape. ive got a mini version of the bipartisan 9/11 commission working on an investigation. but so far all signs are that this young lady is pretty damn perfect. tall, hot, even keeled, no tics, likes good music, likes tv. drinks well. good manners.

today we are about to jet to santa barbara for a funeral.

it seems whatever tiny shreds of loneliness, illness, and sadness that i have had has died. so we got the remains, incinerated it, and we’re going to toss them off the cliff of isla vista.

and then we will have a burrito on milpas.

please feel free to fill my comments with your weekend plans.


this is rad