day 13? toronto

raymi and fil got me drunk andt the torontoist party. before that we drank next tdoor. we missed paige whihc is too bad cyuz everyones telling me she hasnt lookt better,. it dont matter cuz she has a boyfriend. whys everyon gotta have boyfriends. boyfriens are so lame. 07 is gonna be the year that everyone vcan be single. just for one year./ people should bang one yuear/. non stop banging. alamande left. pick a new partner. so boring trhese boyufrinesd/

anyways last night i arrived in detroit and figured i could just exit off the freewayu anywheres i wanted, like youd do in america from time to time. noo. dont do that in detroit. its excaly like 8 mile. especially on 8 miile right off the freeway. used to be mansions that are now hjaunted mansions with graffiti all over em and people walking reeeeal slow in front. scared the shit outta me and nothing scares me;. not even public speaking.

when i drive i pull over alot and check things on google maps;. if they had a top jar id tip em. i know thyre rich but rich people shold be tipped too.

hung out with the outrageously gorgeous and funny mae ko. damn. another one with a boyufriend. we had a nice lunch today at som e italian place and you wouldnt think that there are super cool people in a weird place like detroit but there thye are. she says shes gonna fix me up with her 20 yr old sister but ive heard that before.

i drive slow so the trip from detroit to toronoto was super slow. first i had to cross THE BRIDGE TO CANADA. which is old and tall and crazyu. tons of trucks on there and only one row for cars.

the dude at the canadian border said purpose of your trip. and i had to think about it. finally i said to taste canadian pussy. i said it because every other answer i gave didnt make him flinch once.

fucker flinched.

had to take a nap in a rest stop for 15 minutes. theres signs all over the 401 that say Take it Easy. or 2 demerits of youre caught driving 120. so sweet these canadians, it oughtta just say., “nasty slap on the wrist if ytou get caught killing people.”

now im in a hotel in toronto and its 3am . im drunk and tired and sleepy and i could use a nice girl to lay with me tonight but i would just waste it and pass out; which is what im bggoonnna do now.

ps the interwnet connction here blws


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