day 33 san rafael new mexico

first lemme say that there have been many great benefits to this road trip. one of them was seeing old friends. one of them was seeing my family. one of them was seeing the bears and the red sox and the cubs. one of them was seeing new blog buddies. one of them was seeing blog buddies who i had only met once or twice.

and one of them was seeing the wide varieties of motel rooms that you can get for uner $100. which leads us to the La Quinta in Norman, OK, which for $99 was one of the sweetest rooms that ive stayed in. apparently La Quinta is Spanish for “Hidden Gem”.

currently im being asked to leave the Baymont Inn & Suite of San Rafael, New Mexico which is probably the nicest place i’ve stayed in under $50, but that happens when you luck out and find a newly renovated motel by pure fate.

if theres a motel chain out there or a motel/hotel blog that would pay for me to travel around the country and the road and stay in a new room every day, perhaps i could convince my boss to create USist and i could write about this fine nation, which is fine, and speaking of fine check out that interview with Madpony Kristin who gave me a sweet tour of OU which is red bricker than i expected and smaller than i thought it would be and almost like a perfect lil college town.

of course anything connected with Kristin would be ideal. we had a nice little lunch at one of her favorite places which was packed because OU fans flock the campus on weekends that the football team plays, even if the team is bad, even if theyre about to lose to the undefeated Big 10 school, even if the game is a full 24 hours away.

kristin is also someone who i would hang out with a lot if she lived on this side of the mississippi. shes so smart. shes so quick. cameras have a hard time capturing her beauty. especially her eyes which you really should wear sunglasses else you’ll catch yourself swooning.

when it was discovered that i had a long drive ahead of me we took off before i could meet her perfect husband. but she pointed me in the right direction and i sped through oklahoma city and saw the baseball park and the arena where the Charlotte Hornets now play and then i was out there in the praries of OK.

i stopped off at the Cherokee Trading Post to take pictures of their famous buffalo. and i had some beads to trade for land but they were all ha. i was all meh. they were all exit. i was all k.