the finale of fun

july 2006

7/2 the bible tells us … what?

7/5 who knew anaheim was toker’s town?

7/6 just four weeks into my job and im already getting emails of concern from the busblog readers “…since you started working at the LAist, I feel your work (here on the busblog) is suffering. I’m NOT comming down on you dude, just keeping it real. I know you get all the love from you fans and I still am one! I just thought you would want to know (and you probobly realized it before I did) that you J.O.B. is causing you job to suffer…”

7/8 i hold my first LAist meeting. i do it at the good luck bar. and i get good luck.

“i woke up at two pm today. can you believe that shit. girls here wear bikinis as clothes and after a while it actually does lose some of its omg appeal but some of it surprises you at two pm when you hear The Hills on in the living room.”

7/10 tribute to anti

7/11 blogged so much for LAist that i started getting carpal again

7/12 i got interviewed twice. one by LA Taco where i said the Jack in the Box taco was my favorite in LA. the other was by Stussi. “Stussi taught me something in the intro that i didnt know. i had no clue that i had dropped to 566. wasnt i in the 200s not that long ago? this getting involved with work shit is a nightmare for my numbers. and you know what, if the numbers at LAist keep going up then i dont care really about the numbers over here.”

7/13 Santa Barbara News Press begins to fall apart, Daily Nexus gets the scoop

i get interviewed Again “6. Q. Does blogging provide you your sole source of income? If not, what else do you do? A. yes.”

7/15 LA Observed is killing us on the SB news press story and The Upper Crust were disappointing at Spaceland last night

“evil is thinking that the busblog has lost a step.”

7/18 the wall street journal discovers that people like tripping out

7/19 people didnt like LA City Nerd’s interview questions for me, so they ask their own including this one q. why are canadian girls so awesome? tara a. because they take out their grillz before introducing themselves to my tim horton.

7/20 my pal since kindergarten, bob, asks me if the Cubs should keep Dusty or fire him. i answer that he should have been fired when he was experiencing difficulties with the cubs greatest hitter ever.

7/21 i discover that my iPod is sorta fucked up

7/22 i take jeanine to see The Racounteurs and i see an old pal from look-look

7/22 tribute to mr. os, who is incharge of the servers that run the busblog, and is a great guy and good friend

7/23 “its been decided that i dont blog enough”

7/24 instead of seeing the flaming lips at the hollywood bowl, i go to the cousin of a cheerleader’s house to watch the miss universe pageant and eat her box. little do i know but it will be the last time i eat her box while watching the miss universe pageant.

7/25 i plan/day dream the road trip that i eventually took in october

7/26 tribute to the NINE year anniversary of matt and emmanuelle

7/27 jana pants is on my couch

7/27 out of synch interview with karisa because as we saw in yesterday’s best of June, when there are synched up interviews with karisa people are speechless

7/28 the scene where greg brady admitted to being on the set stoned

7/31 JimH makes me do the five things meme

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