pissbottle blues

august 2006

8/1 MTVs 25th anniversary

8/2 “i have the lowest self esteem of anyone you know. and i have the dumbest reason for it than everyone you know. if theres an archeologist in the house, throw ten thousand years of dirt on this blog and then dig it up and you will see that all of this was a way for me to play chess with the demons in my head and the spectacular battle almost always ends up exactly the same way as when jacob wrestled the angel – in a sore draw where both parties limp home with new names.”

8/4 the busblog’s 5th birthday

LAist’s ex ex editor criticizes the new LAist and i agree with him

8/6 video of the pants dancing in her bra in my living room

8/7 i saw School for Scoundrels during a press screening and hated it. a lot.

“i love all my fucked up friends even those who act selfish even those who act selfish in response to the original selfishness even those who fuck me over repeatedly and promise to stop doing it. even on a site that says nothing in here is true there is a sense of privacy, not necessarily to protect the innocent, but also to protect the guilty, a club we all belong to.”

8/9 i have drinks with Defamer and he tells me so many secrets its awesome

8/10 “yes, sometimes i feel like i Should blog, or i Have to, but the difference between me and a lot of other bloggers is i will actually blog despite the moaning teen on the waterbed, or the fleeing criminal on the run.”

8/11 i hit the road to drive around the nation. first stop pomona i get an oil change that fucks up my oil – or does it?

8/12 flagstaff, az, i am told to turn around and go back home because my car is fuct

8/13 i did an hour on an internet tv show called Ring My Bell and heres the edited video of that day

8/15 “‘in this example im hoping that there are actually three kinds of people. im hoping that there are either people who want to fuck with me, people who want to get out of my way, and people who want to fix my fucking car.'”

8/16 why i love ken layne. sploid goes out with a bang.

8/18 “one kid in grade school they called fish face or fish for short. another was jewish and he was called jewlock. i never understood that one. maybe i was sick the day when the lock was deemed the worthy adjective.”

8/23 “even if we were starving, summers in isla vista could not be topped. youd wake up and someone would hand you a lighter so they could wake n bake and youd run downstairs and light the twelve foot bong and when he was done youd change places and then someone would discover beer in a closet. and you would drink it.

then youd skateboard to cliffs, ollie over an old person, and dive into the sea.”

8/24 i am asked to get super insidebaseball regarding Big Brother, so i do it

8/25 matt welch asks me to write about gentrification. ok. “the most normal thing in the world is for one group to move into a part of town and then move out as another one moves in. those mini mansions in korea town werent built by koreans you know. noah finz.”

8/26 i get an opinion column published in the LA Times, my local paper

8/26 matt good throws his wedding ring into a canadian body of water

8/29 after years of loving her blog i finally get to meet alecia and i am so nervous its funny

8/29 steve and garry get back together for a few hours

8/30 “- if youre awake, and if there isnt a special lady in the house, at 2am blog.
– if youre awake, and if there isnt a special lady in the house, at 230am write your book.”

8/31 “someone left tiger woods pga 2006 on my doorstep for the psp this morning

either this person is really nice or really mean since i really should be resting my hands as much as possible.”

8/31 “in the short period of time that she was here she turned me on to blood meridian, blood brothers, and best of all the format who are over dramatic and happy and just so good it ought to be musical theatre. like if radiohead ate meatloaf and shit a brass section out. produced by steve macdonald of redd kross”

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