tony, i have noticed something recently

that i didnt really want to bring up because it wasn’t a huge deal.

but you don’t blog anymore.

you’re just a constant advertisement for something else. as if just writing about your life and being tony pierce isn’t good enough anymore so you have to get involved with wikipedia or LAist and shove that shit down our throats until we’re about ready to choke or at least gasping for air.

the word sellout isn’t correct, but it’s the first word that comes to mind.

rarely do you just write anymore. you alwyas have a purpose, a goal, something you’re striving to get across or plug.

which defeats he entire reason the busblog was so good to begin with.

i’ve been reading this thing since 2002. i’ve seen the highs, i’ve seen the lows, and i’ve seen everything inbetween.

tony, let me tell you something. all the shit you’re worrying about now won’t matter. wiki. laist. everything. it won’t matter in a year, two years, maybe 30 months.

lick magazine part II, anyone?

one day soon, i hope you return to planet earth and realize how much you have really neglected the people that have put you on the map. the people that gave you gifts gave you an ipod sent you across the pond and made the wikipedia thing an argument to begin with.

and all you want for christmas is for me participate in your cheap plug?

shitty stocking stuffer ,tony. shitty indeed.

all i want for christmas is the real busblog back. for a week. 4 or 5 times a day.

and as a reader, i think i deserve it.

after all.

i’ve been a very good boy this year.
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it would have been extremely easy to have simply pulled the plug on the busblog once it became apparent that blogging 6-7 times a day on LAist made for very little energy to blog here.

instead of stopping the busblog the way that others, ahem, pussed out on their blogs, i kept it going and continued to write nearly




if you consider writing every day on two blogs neglecting the people who have supported me, then you may lick my sweaty taint.

the busblog has always been an advertisement for something: me. either it was a mating song to anna kournikova or ashley or my truest, or an experimentation in blegging, or hype for buzznet, or now an extension of the newest thing that im overly excited about – LAist – it has always been an accurate reflection of my life.

the fact that you didnt like the week i wrote about wikipedia is too bad. but during that week i helped take down the #1 troll of that place and paved the way for other bloggers to be able to keep their entries in the online encyclopedia.

im very proud of that.

while you were selfishly whining i was helping win the war on blogs. inspite of you.

do i just write-write on busblog any more? of course not. i could stop what im doing each day as im beginning to roll on my job-job. but for what means? so that kids wouldnt halfassedly call me a sellout? keep dreaming.

i now hold a job that most bloggers would literally kill for. and i devote almost all of my energy on it 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.

and i document that passion on my personal blog, called the busblog, as i should.

for six months now i have written on average 150 posts a month on LAist.

over those six months, over those 1000+ posts, if i come to my readers and ask them to digg ONE of those stories as a Christmas gift to me, i dont expect to hear any shit. especially from people who have never written 1000 posts in their freaking lives.

it must be so easy to sit back and ask 4-5 busblog posts a DAY when you havent even written that many all week. a kid who has only written 8 entries in his blog all month has the fucking balls to complain that a guy who has blogged a dozen times in just the last 24 hours is a slacking sellout? who knew the east coast had such potent weed? and he claims to have been a good boy this year? at what exactly? surely not at blogging or critiquing others.

i dont know about your fart-lighting friends, but my friends are writers. like me. my bro matt welch used to have a hugely popular blog over at matt welch dot com. when he got hired by the LA Times where he maybe has to write once or twice a day, guess what happened to his blog? i’ll give you a hint, it didnt get better, and he sure as shit didnt write every day on it any more.

my other bro ken layne, also used to have a hugely popular blog at kenlayne dot com. when he got hired by Gawker to do Sploid (and now Wonkette) to write several times a day, guess what happened to his blog? he shut it the fuck down.

and these men write better than me!

i’ll make you a deal, you get hired to write shit down a half dozen times a day, which includes helping others write shit down, and includes hiring people to write shit down, and includes getting the interviews so that you can write shit down, and includes going to the post office every day, being on the phone and emailing hundreds of emails a week

you get that job and you triple the hits to that site within five months, quadruple it in six months, every month (except one) being a double digit increase on the previous month, and then you show me that you wrote on chokeyfucking chicken dot com every day.

and then you can talk.

until then, as was always the case in the past, the comments on the busblog are for kissing my pimply hairy teenage-ravished black ass. and dont you ever forget that.

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