the year the busblog sucked

january 2006

1/1 “im gonna eat more pussy this year. im also gonna read the bible every sunday. those are my only two real promises to myself in 2006.” – driving thru the snow from oregon to cali

1/2 review of the rainy rose bowl parade

1/4 busblog deathpool 2006 is launched (later to be removed by buzznet)

1/5 texas beats usc and i declare “definately proof that Blacks will (and should) dominate the position of QB”.

1/6 dear raymi the minx

1/6 a picture of my desk at buzznet before the amazing remodel. and links to my previous desks at other jobs

1/8 banged a twenty year old in her shower

1/8 bunny mcintosh gets married in vegas

1/9 somebody’s dad complains about me writing about fucking a twenty year old. strangely i dont give a fuck about his opinion.

1/10 me and my buddy chris go to a laker game, watch kobe get 45

1/10 tribute to bruce sutter

1/11 lunch with karisa who agreed to an improptu photo essay

1/13 pictures of cute elementary school kids protesting

1/15 bears lose in the playoffs

1/17 “despite the pussy its true ive been a little down lately.”

1/18 “dear gay people and youngsters,”

1/20 took pictures of giant drag, and then went to the coachella premiere and took pix there including one of the cobra snake

1/22 happy blog for choice day. “6. since we are overpopulating the globe, we currently dont need any unwanted children, dummy.”

1/23 kobe scores 81 points, gets props by the busblog who hates him

1/23 matt welch joins the la times, gets props by the busblog who loves him

1/24 my bathroom wall explodes

1/25 holland invites me to go to amsterdam and blog about it

1/26 just one of several times that i got interviewed for someones college essay

1/28 pics of me meeting heather graham during a date with a super hot chick

1/29 went on a date with a new girl, squaredanced, drunk blogged

1/30 tony why aren’t there any sistahs on the busblog? an explanation

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