and i said, snails see the benefits,

the beauty in every inch

and she said baby im a grown woman, i dont talk in inches any more.

after yesterdays fiasco i called over the sure thing. i said can you bring me some chinese food and a bong hit or ten? she brought over a bag of eh green buds and zancou chicken. everything is eh these days.

except you.

we had run out of forks and she was all im not going to doing to get you weed, get you food, suck your dick, AND do your dishes tony.

i was all who said anything about sucking my dick? we need forks woman.

some people would be offended by that but she laughed and laid back on the couch with her legs crossed seeing if i was going to seriously eat a half of a chicken with just a steak knife.

and the reason shes the sure thing is who goes to a chicken place known for its garlic paste and brings it to a dude shes about to make out with? answer: someone who can think of several other things that shed rather do with a man than kiss.

once i had finished my chicken and pita and garlic paste i asked her how her day was and she pushed me off the couch because as she says

if it aint on the floor it aint fuckin.

other day i was at a palm reader and she said pick a card. two of clubs.

she said you are a libra on the scorpio cusp. i said you can see that in that card? she said i can smell it on your breath.

she said as the days warms up tap into your scorpio side and when the days cool off your libra

and then she pushed me off the couch and i said whats the temperature today and she said seventy nine so i kissed er.

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