if theres one thing i hate its plans

even if its good plans.

its 242am and ive been procrastinating going to bed because i have to go to bed early tonight (anything before 420am) because i have a big day tomorrow because i have to be at capital records by 11am to see poison play in this little famous studio they have there.

its going to be a live broadcast over the web. might be new songs, might be old ones. who cares. its poison, but better its the capital building. even though ive lived here forever ive never been in that building and i cant wait.

theyll be pictures have no fear.

and then later i have to interview andy dick at the rainbow room.

my body is a cage.

last month on LAist was our second biggest month ever. and because it wasnt the best ever i didnt really appreciate it. also i believe some chads were miscounted. all in all it wasnt a pleasant victory even though it should have been.

im so ridiculous. i should be happy. fine, i am happy then.

im happy the cubs won, and the ducks won. im happy i had good chinese food at this place that always reminds me of chris. im happy i saw joe on saturday and callie on sunday, which is very strange, but life is weird like that.

but most of all im happy that paris hilton is in jail because we can all reflect a little on our lives during this time that paris has to suffer.

i think we should all suffer along with her. not go into solitary confinement for three weeks and eat baloney sandwhiches, but maybe do something that we really dont like doing.

for example, im going to go to bed early and before i go to bed im going to read a book.

somewhere along the line i stopped reading books, oh thats right when the internet came out and was basically the greatest collection of reading materials in the world.

ive been eating chocolate creme pie every day for a week.

im going to eat it right now too.

even though i brushed my teeth.

why? because paris hilton cant.

and when have you ever been able to do something that she couldnt do.