odd thing happened yesterday

i was reading on blogging.la that yesterday was the last day to go thru the old spaghetti factory, and it made me think of the only time i ever went there, this time i went there with ashley.

and then i got an email with a link to this video of ashley in what appears to be a student film of some sort.

and then i got another email from a friend who wants me to visit him in vegas for a few days.

so i said, iron mike, you’ll always be the champ to me, so of course i will go out there.

but i wont see ashley because she was very mean to me several times, and im a sensitive poet. wah.

also yesterday i was on the rooftop of a record label and i got to listen to one of my favorite new bands, sea wolf. and i got to meet the main dude of silversun pickups and every one was extremely nice and there was free beers and tacos and corn on the cob and good music and great people, but i was working so i didnt eat any tacos,

but i did pick up some at the jackinthebox drive through

i left that sunny afternoon rooftop so revitalized, thinking there is good in the world, that when i got home i made sure the cubs were about to be tivoed as they were squaring off against sammy who was trying to get his 600th home run

and i walked to the grocery store because when youre 100 or over you should get your walking in, particularly if you tend to sit around on your couch all day “working”, and i bought a whole pre-cooked chicken, and many cookies, and i walked home and i ate half of the chicken with just a knife.

when i get whole or half chickens i often find myself playing a weird little quiet game of can you eat a chicken with just a knife.

i always lose.