hi las vegas

hi tony

you know i love you, right?

you do? why do you?

las vegas i love that its midnight and im topless sitting at this table with dinosaur jr. going thru the open door.

ive been here with matt good listening to his new album and talking to him about it. every now and then he’ll pick up his guitar and play me what hes talking about, and i must say, if youre ever going to get familiar with a new record, this is the way to do it.

with you, las vegas

at yr hottest.

awwww, i love you too tony. tell me more.

las vegas i love that its really hard to find a head shop on the strip

no, not about me, about matt. tell me about the record.

well matt recently had a very emotional divorce and was prescribed some meds when he was diagnosed to have bipolar and forgot how many he had taken and accidentally ended up od’ing on them and wound up in the hospital and almost dying

and this is the record that he wrote while in that emotional rollercoaster and, predictably, its damn good.

my favorite song is about helicopters.

because theyre black.

the kids in the blogs talk about matts lyrics but in these songs, theyre cutting and biting and funny and fierce.

its called hospital music and the single “born losers” was released yesterday in canada and its #14 on the charts up there or something, vegas let me tell you how nice your stars looked last night as this military plane flew overhead last night at 3am, ive been up late and up early and i definitely want to retire here

with you, las vegas.

are there any cover songs on the album?

mais oui sin city mais oui

did led zep steal some of their best songs + malingering in top form + moxie will interview me today at 5pm PT