because im not a sheep

i vote for people, not parties

and i make those people earn my vote.

you dont get my vote because of your skin color or whats between your legs or what letter is in the parenthesis next to your name.

you get my vote because of your ideas and your actions and your promises and your smarts.

because im a man and not an angel i judge people for who they support.

people who voted for bush several years ago were either racist or sexist or classist or just fucking ignorant. and people who voted for him again are worse because they knew better and didnt fucking care.

those people are not just part of the problem, they are the problem.

and you people know who you are and maybe you have other reasons for having your head up your ass not once but twice, and maybe you should reconsider why you vote for letters in parentheses instead of ideas

or you can continue to cockblock progress

but if you are that stiffnecked, as the bible calls it, then heres someone with the letter in the parentheses that you bow to, who is actually a small government conservative like many of you swear that you are, who actually puts to action what he talks about. he doesnt just say read my lips no new taxes, he really doesnt vote for them.

and he doesnt need karl rove whispering in his ear, he can think for himself.

and its why if i had to vote today id be voting for ron paul for president.

because i like people who think.

not sheep.