matt played 10 songs tonight here in vegas.

to a crowd of about 30 people, many of whom flew in from Connecticut, Frisco, and various locales in Canada. and for a few who were big fans but had never had the chance to see him play, this was their first gig.

the gig was the living room in the huge house that ive been stayed at with matt here in the suburbs of sin city.

matt told his fans through his site that he was going to be in vegas and he was going to be playing to a few dozen people and i guess people emailed in and he gave invites to the “winners” and they all came here and oh yeah apple was here too.

and these two dudes from currentv

and your boy.

and its really sad that a lot of americans dont know about matt because seriously how many musicians of any stature let alone one who is currently #2 on for a record that doesnt even come out for a month, invites friends fans his favorite computer company and the press to come into his vacation and listen to what hes about to tour with on an acoustic guitar barefoot while wearing shorts?

and not charge you three grand, prince.

i got to meet miss604 who liveblogged the event perfectly and gracefully and far better than i imagined. she took pictures and was later relived from that duty by the totally capable duane storey who had a sweet camera and was uploading them to flickr within minutes of taking the pics.

it really shows you how quickly a live event like this can be spread through the world if you have people working as a team who know what the heck theyre doing and are fans of the subject.

matt ended the show with a cover of daniel johnstons true love will find you in the end and lets add love to the end of the paragraph above. when you have people working together who are loving what theyre doing the end result is not just something good, its something beautiful.

which is what the evening was.

it started with people showing up, taking off their shoes, meeting each other, then matt emerged and went around the circle and met everyone and seemed to remember where everyone lived.

then everyone hung outside and chit chatted by the pool. now these are matt good fans, which means theyre smart, theyre mellow, and theyre sweet as hell. so basically they drank as much water as i drank beer.

eventually the group made it into the living room and matt lounged on the bad ass leather couch and strummed some tunes casually and talked to the people. we were waiting on some people who couldnt get their yet. later when the late guy arrived we found out he was a heart surgeon. so there were many predictable jokes about how the person about to get a transplant better hope that matt’s show doesnt go too far into the night.

in the middle of the show the docs beeper went off and he had to leave. thirty seconds he returned and someone joked, patient died? but the doc had just forgotten his keys or something. whoops.

matt chimed in with, didnt mike moore just make a movie about this?

the new album is called hospital music.

after the show we adjourned to the kitchen, finished off the drinks, matt signed autographs for people who brought stuff and posed in pics with them and then they went home.

everyone was glowing.

one of the guys outside said to me, that was the best show ive ever been to.

i was all, yep, and it was some dudes house.

and then a convertible packed with fans sped off into the desert night.

matt good in vegas playing to fans

photos by duane storey

matt had to rehearse and

do some work shit so i took a cab to the spearmint rhino and got out of heis hair.
yes im drunk yes its 218am yes im in vegas still yes im gonna retire here yes i went to see strippers yestr theyre my favorite people alive yes i have a date with a black girl soon so yes i only got lap dances with balck girls tonight exscept for one korean girl who i couldn tsay no to

i actually couldnt say know to any of them but i tried. i took way too much money out of the atm because i doidnt want to take money out at the strip club., if you wsee that youre taking money out of a strip club atm you really need to be askin gyrself “am i about to get sex?” if not you should just go home. if so you should ask yr self why am i having sex swith a stripper in vegas?

dangerous much?

i love this town. i wish i was still freinds with the people i know here. i wish that everything was always perfect at all times but i guess thats what life is about – dealing with shit thatsw not perfect.

did i tell you im happy? did i tell you that i gave a creaole girl named “mariah” all the money in my wallet becayse she felt as smooth and soft as gurls should feel and she said everything right and i said everything right right back and she said what do you want and i said everything and she said i want you and i said hi and she said wanna come with me to the vip and i said


and she said wait are you being sarcastic and isaid
‘and she said youre so funny and i said please dont take all my money and she said how about i just take all the money you have right now and i said how about you take all my money except for 20 bucks so i can get a cab home and shse said why did you tak e a cab and i said cus i knew id be drinking heavily and she said because o fthat i will let you touch me all over and i said its only for scientific research bcause im gonna maybe hopefully be with a girl who looks like you

and she said noone is as hot as me and she stretched her leg around my head and i said could be anb dshe said could be or is and i said no offense but youre not the first unbelieveably super hot chick whose stuck her leg around my head and she said ok but do i smell the best

and the best is exactly the way my shrit smells and i hear tyou all.