dear tony,

martin morgan: How’s your Spanish?

I ask b/c I remember a post where you saw some Spanish eyes on the bus, but the language barrier killed your game. That rang really true to me, and its why I speak 8 languages.

My Spanish sucks. i dont even ask for a pollo burrito at midnight tacos because im chicken.

Suzie: hahaha I left a comment on his blog…

and asked a question [on Kareem’s blog] 😛 and gave you a shout out

…you can thank me later

thank you baby. and i will when i get the chance!

bloopy: so do you think ron paul had the same problem as howard dean with the massive online presence that, for whatever reason, just didn’t translate into delegate votes and ended his campaign with a whimper?. . .

howard dean’s problem was he allowed a few in the media to take his weird scream as a valid reason to discount his entire platform. dean was a fucking quitter. can’t really say that ron paul is a quitter, especially since he hasn’t quit even though he probably should now.

ron paul allowed the media to do the opposite to him that they did to dean, he let them ignore him. he thought that something would happen somewhere down the road (like he would win a caucus or a primary) that would make them suddenly respect him.

what he should have done was get up in Sean Hannity’s grill when the Fox puppethead accused his supporters of spamming the online polls. he should have said, “hey fucker, unless you can PROVE that YOUR polls are bogus, then i demand that you apologize to your viewers who voted for me in those polls. and while you’re at it why dont you apologize to your IT people who you are dissing by saying that they’re shit is game-able.”

instead he smiled and acted to rationally when he should have Demanded respect when thats the last thing that modern media doles out, especially to politicians.

Krista: Who is your favourite Canadian (blogger, celebrity, politician, otherwise…) and why?

Neil Young. never sold out. never gave a shit what anyone ever said or thought. aged beautifully. always remained creative. and whose guitar sound was always gnarly and biting and scorching: before, during, and after that lil thing called grunge.

Aaron: 1st round, 1st pick, fantasy baseball; who is it, and please please please don’t tell me A-Rod cause I will know you are lying, or crazy.

first off, fuck the yankees. secondly, third base is a tough position to pass up in the first round because by the time it gets back to the first picker David Wright, Chipper, Miguel Cabrera and A-Rod will all be gone and as much as I love Aramis Ramirez, my boy, he’s not exactly the type of trade bait that someone like A-Rod is.

which brings us to Hanley Ramirez because Matt Holliday isn’t gonna bat .340 again with 36 dongs while only drawing 63 walks. Who can argue with Hanley’s 29 homers, 51 steals, and .332 average. But any fantasy league worth its salt is also gonna have an Error column and bro had 24 last year which is double among elite SS’s. fuck that. fucking Jimmy Rollins had 1 more homer than Hanley, swiped 41 bases, nearly hit .300 and only had 11 errors. Reyes had 78 steals fewer k’s than both those dudes, and only 12 errors.

so sorry charlie, A-Rod is the top draft pick, especially since you can get a decent shortstop in the 3rd or 4th round if you dont get one in the 2nd round.

speaking of which, the busblog Fantasy Baseball League drafts Sunday at noon, pacific

lily: what do you think about soul patches?

like many things, pearl jam ruined em.

Dan: Matthew Good @ Massey Hall on May 29th.

Personally, I’m hoping for some sort of blogger meet-up like the last time. You in??

sounds like just around the time i set aside for Summer Vacation. sounds lovely.

Andrew Pike: If you could go back and change your whole life so that all your your writing experience turned into music experience (ie. making you a Musician instead of a Writer) would you? Why/Why not?

(Notes: You would have a similar exposure with music that you have now with writing-perhaps you would be in a band that is fairly popular around LA and/or teaching music, and you would have a small blog on the side, but no time for other journalism.)

i am the blog editor of the LA Times, that is not the same in anyones mind as being in a band that is “fairly popular around LA and/or teaching music” anywhere. the LA Times is one of the most respected papers in the world, the biggest west of the mississip, and our blog roll now includes a technorati top 1000 political blog and a personal blog written by the nba’s leading scorer. and the busblog is nothing to sneeze at, particularly since i DO have time for it.

plus i will be writing for blogs on the LAT very soon if not sooner, so go tell your momma.

if you were to compare it to music, it would be like being in a band that sells a million records Every Day.

yes it’s every young man’s dream to either be a pro athlete or a rock star (and not an editor at a famous media outlet), but except for the very very few, those two glamorous jobs expire about 2-3 years after you start em, and definitely expire once you turn 40 – except for the chosen few who are at the top of the talent pool.

so no, i wouldnt have traded my life in any way one iota. even the most rotten jobs that i had, even the most evil bosses, even the most insulting salaries all prepared me for this – my dream job come true. when you have experienced shitty shit on all levels and it didnt kill you or your spirit you can handle any adversity with a smile. which is what i do a lot here: smile.

if i had been a rock star i would probably be a dick in real life. and a heroin user. and probably married and divorced several times with way too many kids and bills and headaches.

this path that i took involved very few women who were after me for my money or fame, thus i had amazing relationships and i lived a very simple life that involved more busses than bentleys, which is why my credit rating is so good.

Azreal Darkskies (aka Michael): Is it possible to make friends with bugs that live in your apartment, or are we destined to be eternally divided?

bugs dont live in my apartment. i rarely bring food into the apartment. eat in your car as you drive back and forth from work, school, death. bugs go where food is.

LA Scumbag: Should i sell my Obey Obama posters?

They’re really cool…But i need the money.

What do i do and there’s alot of mean people telling me that its wrong to make money off these posters even though assholes are selling them on ebay for 1800 a pop!

wait… are people from an organization / movement / art camp called Obey which is all about thinking for yourself, especially in regards to money/advertising/art/culture seriously trying to tell people that they can’t sell art for big bucks, when indeed they turn around and sell art for big bucks to others?

maybe theyre being sarcastic.

maybe you should Obey yr heart.

i love shep, but if hes seriously bummed, he should print up a shitton more, sign a shitton more, flood the market and give the money to charity.

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