our good friend keira-anne twisted her knee up pretty bad this afternoon

on victoria island in beautiful british columbia, canada.

she was having a bad week, and she has a bad job, and strangely shes still single, somehow, so i dont even wanna ask her how her valentines was, cuz you never really know if that will bring up something bad or sad or whatever

the worst thing about her twisting her knee up so bad today is snowboarding was one of her true joys in life other than cooking, blogging, posing for hot pics and being rad

so because i know i have an inordinate amount of readers up in canada, if any of you are on the island right now i was wondering if you would do me a flavor

keira anne is blue, her knee is blue, and she cant even move off her moms couch

meanwhile victoria island has natural remedies up there if you know what i mean

so… if any of you wanna bring any over to her today or tomorrow or cook some up in some brownies or whathaveyou

then go over to her site and email her and hook a sista up

and if you wanna bring over some flowers for me i will pay you back instantly via paypal

keira, besides being a knockout, is super fun and extremely nice.

the last time i was in vancity we had a beautiful time together, we drank, saw fireworks, took in a movie, we ate, we played xxx arcade games

what Didnt we do?

therefore if you could help one of your own canada, this weekend would be the right time and keira would be the right girl.


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