Questions from the readers, answers from me

Chris Carnaghi: Tony allow me to be the first to question. As a long time reader,fan and friend, I noticed for a long time you stayed away from Politics in the Blog. Over the last few years that has changed. Do you feel a bigger weight or greater challenge I should say, in writing, blogging in the clasical sense, as opposed to hard hitting journalism or even news reporting? How do you so uniquley and effectively blend all the different forms of writing? I would think it is dicotomous and not even really possible. And yet somehow you really have made it work. !

this year writing about politics was super easy because it was really just two things: ron paul and barack obama. everyone else was either George Bush or Not George Bush. i uniquely and effectively blend all types of blogging together perfectly because i have cheerleaders of all different sorts emailing me or IMing me daily telling me to write about this or that. im fortunate.

martin morgan: What are your thoughts on contacting old flames out of the blue?

i try not to contact old flames out of the blue, but i dont mind if they contact me. i was watching one of my favorite movies High Fidelity the other night, and you just dont wanna be *that* dude in the midst of a midlife crisis going backwards in time trying to relive the past or trying to excavate old treasures. move forward, walk fast, make out with new babes. if the past wants you, answer the call and do what you can, but it probably wont work out. with that said my “true love” comes back from africa this summer and i cant wait. but i have no hopes for things working out. at all.

The Holywriter Bill Clinton will be campaigning for Hillary in my area and I will be covering the event for my newspaper and as a radio journalist. Got any good questions I should ask him?

1. does he feel like he and his wife are cockblocking Blacks.
2. does he still eat greasy foods?
3. does he ever feel like he and hillary should have had more kids?

Ciavarro: Those arms look like they could reach into outer space.

True or false.

they were reaching into the inner space of the pleated skirts of the cheerleaders. so false.

Dan: What would it take to bring you to Canada permanently? (post-LAT of course)

global warming

d: if chicago were an alcohol, what kind of alcohol would it be?

i havent lived in Chicagoland for a very long time. when i lived there it was a delicious malt liquor – inexpensive, unpretentious, smooth with a little bite, but ultimately refreshing and intoxicating. now its Amstel Light.

jimh: Is that a three-hole belt you’re wearing in the photo? I had one of those and it was my favorite.

why yes it is! i believe it was also reversible.

keir: Name the 3 best bands in I.V. from when you were there.

in order:

1. The Wonderfuls
2. The Shawn White Band
3. Mons Pubis
4. Rogue Cheddar
5. Ugly Kid Joe
6. Bad Neighbor
7. Popsicko

timmay: who will be playing in this year’s NBA finals (besides the Celtics)?

Shaq needs one for his pinkie. Shaq will get one for his pinkie.

Matt Welch: Russ Stanton?

Yes he beat me out by one vote!

kali: what book are you holding?

my favorite of all books – a tiny empty notebook waiting to be doodled in

PatZ: fries or side salad?

<3 fries! Travis: Is Victoria Williams a drunk then? I don’t get why I’d love her.

you’d love her because shes unique, funky, beautiful, talented, odd, and can write and sing better than all the trashy little hos out there today combined. also cuz she was once married to Peter Case of the Plimsouls, and beat MS.

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