sam zell does the olympic printing facility

the new LA Times owner came to our office yesterday but i was busy trying to put out fires. everyone who went loved it. earlier in the day he wrote us an email saying that his fifty cent salary confused some because how would you get that salary into 26 payments. so sarcastically said he would get a committee together and figure out a way to get a two cent raise. ha. apparently he hates the red tape that he sees stifling the tribune corp. he hates the meetings, hates the navel gazing, hates the bureaucracy. save us sam.

apparently during the speech someone approached him with a quarter to give him a 50% raise – and he took it! shamelessly. beautifully. like a rich man is probably used to doing. all while dropping a wide assortment of f-bombs, and jokes, and no-nonsense strategies.

then he went to our big printing facility on olympic blvd. the veteran pressman and blogger ed padget was there and captured it on video (above) and uploaded the first 9 minutes of sam’s speech. if more of it becomes available i’ll post that too. but watching this makes me wish i had seen sam in person cuz he seems like my sorta guy.

the gentleman in the front row is our publisher david hiller.

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