hi blog. damn ive been busy for the last twenty four hours

what have i been doing?

last night ali and i went to the wiltern for the activision party. ali is a giant video game nerd and this week E3 is in town so all the other video game nerds are here so she said “lemme know if you run across any cool E3 parties and i’d love to go with”. when any invite came by id forward it to her and she’d usually say “nah that seems lame” but when the activision one came in and it said “featuring surprise musical guests” we had no idea itd be

but yeah we went anyways and damn im glad we did.

the open bar was amazing. the free chinese and mexican food was delish. the stars were everywhere (rihanna, grant hill, amare stoudemeier, tony hawk, etc. pauley shore, nicky hilton, kim kardashian, leo decaprio, etc., the dudes from entourage, the queen of england, etc) and when they saw me and ali they were all, omg tony pierce please lets get you two some sweet ass pit wristbands and we were all but where will grant hill sit?

id never seen jay-z and for some reason he opened for em (travis barker and dj am were the real opening act). and id only seen eminem once a long time ago which was actually the first time karisa and i ever hung out.

but to see them together – with a live band – super close – with free bubbly… sorta hard to beat. im deathly afraid all of these stokes will make me even more jaded than i was before i started blogging.

but i will make due.

full review later tonight at the Pop & Hiss blog.

today i went to the dentist, got three cavities filled, jetted over to E3, hung with my old college roommate, got to see Tony Hawk lose at the latest Tony Hawk game. met some booth babes. interviewed some dudes in star wars outfits. got to play Madden 2010 on the wii. got to interview Daisy Fuentes.

then took this pretty funny picture of the Mayor of LA giving a speech under a banner of a video game thats all about joining a gang and “killing your competition”.

and now i get to go home and write some more.

but anyways blog, i still love ya. and havent forgotten about you.