they have protests by my work all the time

its one of the benefits of working downtown kitty corner from City Hall. i guess people think that they will be able to get the attention of the mayors office and the newspaper at the same time.

only problem is both the paper and the city hallians are busy folk and probably arent going to respond to much of anything marching down 1st street in LA unless its a totally angry mob, or a tank.

someone is telling me real life ghost stories.

apparently a drunk old man ghost was walking down one of the streets of Culver City last night. although i love ghost stories, ive never seen a ghost. but i wouldnt be surprised if they were real.

the reason i believe this one was real was cuz two dogs were barking at the drunk ghost, like crazy, then a truck passed by


ed mcmahon is dead

he never got to see the cubs win the world series

he’ll never know what store karisa got her frilly blouse
he’ll never know if the Replacements will ever play Coachella
he’ll never know if Springsteen will ever release another Born to Run, or even another Nebraska

thats the problem with death. no matter how much you accomplish in your life: star search, the tonight show, hi-yo, publishers clearinghouse, cash for gold – there are still all these things that you’ll never know or do.

for some reason thats infuriating to me.

its the reason i tell girls they should kiss me. its the reason i tell car dealers they should lower the price of that convertible so i could buy it. its the reason i dont waste my time cleaning cleaning cleaning.

life is so short that even when its long its still g-d short and we can barely get done the few things that we omg absolutely Have to do.

how many things do we do that we actually want to do, let alone dream to do?

JaG asked how much of life is wasted waiting for things, clearly shes waiting for me to move to her awaiting arms in holland. and all i can tell her is tom petty sang the waiting is the hardest part. one of the best songs ever.

“oh baby dont it feel like heaven right now…”

for ed.

all i know is every day i want to do a little more than sit on a couch and laugh for a studio audience.

with all due respect to the dearly departed.

today for example im getting a few more cavities filled.

because life should be utterly consumed.