how is it friday already

time is flying so quickly. how is it the middle of june?

hot girl called me in the middle of the day and said what r u wearing.

i was all jeans a dress shirt and a top hat.

got home and watched the WE channel for the first time, probably ever, today. they have a show about a family with sextuplets. its like Jon & Kate – except the people like each other.

they still bicker because its really hard work, it seems. six little kids. a year and a half old. she leaves one in the driveway accidentally, he calls one of the boys the wrong name and corrects himself and says the right name, followed by “or whatever your name is”.

both of these shows make it look like raising just one or two kids would be oh so easy.

which is probably super true.

but still i bet one of em would ruin my top hat.

omg my girlfriends in the Ukraine sure have moxie

have i mentioned how much i obsess over hot water? my man matt welch’s dad is in the same boat as i am. he has a hot water heater thats probably 3x larger than the one in your house. he says he likes to be able to take showers for as long as he wants.

i think he should help me adopt marry some of these women whose hot water gets shut off every summer (“for essential maintenance work”).

but my other question is – what crazy country lets its government control the temperature of its water?

life be so crazy.

cant get enough Undie Run videos?

who can, really?

this one features some exclusive interviews with some of UCLA’s finest football players because the pressing question of the day is “how did you train for Undie Run?”

sure that might be trivial to you, but when you consider that for three days people have been squawking about the fact that the president killed a fly.

at least this involves health and nutrition, which is paramount to all our lives.

your welcome for looking out for you.