special summer double issue

John Wayne: two things – why are your iphone pictures not rotating? foul iPhone 3.0 firmware? How is Lost not just a fancy Gilligan’s Island? If the Globetrotters eventually visit the survivors of that plane crash it’s practically the same show.

a very long time ago, when i was 20 years old i think, i wrote an epic poem about a prince and a princess who fell in love with each other. only problem was their kingdoms were warring against each other. they knew that their love letters would be examined and portions would be censored by the black markers of security in both countries, so they told each other “forget about what ends up in the letters and what doesnt end up in the letters, as long as the stamp on the envelope is upside down, know that i love you.” sideways pics on the busblog have nada to do with any firmware. well, not much, at least.

Lost is not only just like Gilligan’s Island, but since the Lost gang have been globetrotting the last two seasons, the series is actually a spinoff of that particular episode.

Krista: My fiance is in BC. I quit my job with nothing lined up. I have no idea where I’m going, or when I’m leaving where I live to start my new life. Most people IRL are giving me doubts instead of encouragement, so my question is: should I be excited or scared?

it all depends on why youre scared, why youre excited, and what are your reasons for doing what you’re doing. in sports theres two ways to play: you can play to win, or you can play not to lose. when you play to win you can do some amazing things. when you play not to lose you restrict yourself from doing the amazing things. the people in yr real life who are giving you doubts probably love you very much and know that half of marriages fail, in part because young people are chemically imbalanced and probably shouldnt even be given drivers licenses let alone marriage licenses. even at 102 years old i do dumb things, but the dumbest things i ever did i did when i was young and i thank God that none of them had lifelong consequences. however i believe that you know what youre doing and if theres a special new word for the exception, its probably oceanaria.

xTx: Artie on Joe Buck. Joe Buck: A. Got what he was lookin’ for B. Completely shocked and clueless that Artie would behave as such. (i know what MY answer is…) I am completely NSFW today. I blame the coffee.

what artie exposed masterfully is what a phony baloney joe buck is and how out of place he is hosting a talk show like that. guys like him and chip caray are the stiff, bland, milquetoast leaders of the Dockers generation. theyre bad enough doing play by play, they have no business trying to pretend that theyre cool worldly or witty on a channel like hbo which at its best is pushing boundaries. artie acted like an ass because guys like joe buck repulse blue collar joe sixpacks like artie and his friends who cant believe that there could have been anything worse than costas. hbo should have the baby gorilla hosting such an event, or at least a rotating group of edgy self destructive trainwrecks talking to people instead of whatever that mess is now.

PatZ: 1. Beyond next season will the Coyotes still be playing in Phoenix and why? 2. Krista should be excited because that excitement will undoubtedly carry over into her moving to BC where we’re all waiting for her to get out here.

man does time fly. i cant believe its been 13 years since winnepeg moved to arizona. if life was fair they would return there, or at least hamilton.

g/d: if you could be one sentence in a Jenny Holzer projection what would it be

nothing in here is true

vinny: Be excited Krista. Your living and loving life to the fullest that’s your job right now. Question when the first girl you ever loved comes back into your life do you hold on or do you leave it alone since it didn’t work the first time??

i was reading this one girls blog the other day and she was going on about how there are all these different kinds of love. and that when we only think theres two kinds of love (love involving the one yr doing it with or the love you have for people yr not doing it with) we miss out on all the other shades of gray. but shes a lesbian so she called them shades of gay.

as living creatures we should always be growing. the fact that two people were totally perfect for each other during the end of a certain stretch of time should be considered normal. likewise its normal to feel comfortable being intimate with someone who you were once intimate with. this “working out” concept is based on the fantasy that two people can be totally compatible their entire lives. enjoy the times youre into each other, and when youre not that into each other, enjoy the times apart.

BobD: Why are we getting so much rain?

thats not rain, thats harry buying everyone old styles in heaven. and spilling.

Mike: Could the US Open really come down to two lefties? Mickelson and Weir?

when tigers not in the hunt, there is no golf.

Steven Allen Adams: I just bought a new Zune. What are the top five songs I should download for it?

elvis costello, “brilliant mistake”, king of america

tsar, “band girls money”, band girls money

dinosaur jr., “been there all the time”, beyond

monster squad, “monster squad theme”, mo mummy mo problems

valient thorr, “man behind the curtain”, total universe man

jon: Why do you think this mobile gourmet food truck phenomenon has taken off?

people like to eat. a lot. wall-e wasnt that far off. im eating right now typing this. so if you can just roll a nice korean bbq taco truck near the bar im about to enter into, or if you have some nice burritos ready for my drunk ass once i leave the rock, or omg expensive cupcakes? if we walked into every restaurant we wanted to gorge into we’d feel like pigs, but if we dont have to sit down to consume the delights then somehow it doesnt count. as a former ice cream man guy i applaud the trend.

meredith r. mistletoe: How jealous are you that Sass and lowercase carmen and I all partytime without you?

omg so jealous, but i do appreciate the pics you all send me.

sass: Which city do you think I’ll find my new boyfriend?

west hollywood, ca, 90069

Andrea: My family and friends keep bugging me to start a blog. Should I shut them up and tell them I already do?

if you dont start a blog that would repulse and offend your family and friends immediately i will be sorely disjointed.

Kemp: All right, Mr. T. Quick. Name your three favorite bands living/performing in LA right now.




timmay!!!!!: is it OK if i take a break from asking a question this week?


keir: Krista: Be excited, no contest—but don’t ignore the scared because it will keep you on your toes. But be excited. Tony: when was the last time you felt as our Canadian friend does right now? For me it was six years ago when I quit my droll UCSB office job and played in a band and went to night school and destroyed my savings. It was pretty terrifying but plenty fun.

you should do things all the time that make you scared and excited – as long as they are for the right reasons, and as long as you have everyones best interests at stake. but feeling excited and scared means that youre stretching out of yr comfort zone, and thats usually a good thing. keep going.

JaG: Krista: I’m with Keir, all the way! Tony: What would you like me to ask you?

you should ask me why i think youre too frightened to visit LA.

Jennie: Krista: Be excited. There will be many years of your life that will be stable and predictable. This is the time you’ll always remember, so take in every moment and put your worries aside. Andrea: Don’t tell them. It could potentially change your writing style. I know this. Question: Does the new media spin (tons of videos, tons of tweets) on the Iran election protests make you feel obligated to spread the word or perhaps guilty if you don’t talk about it since everyone else is?

i feel zero obligation to do ish. i owe very few people anything and vice versa and id like to keep it that way. i want people to feel free to do what they want and id like people to allow me to be free as well. in regards to spreading any word, the only word i should be spreading are words that i know something about. and since i know very little about anything outside of the good old usa, its probably to everyones benefit that i keep to much simpler pursuits like spreading the word of the Lord, especially on a Sunday like today. so here goes: i read at least one chapter of the bible every sunday. i highly recommend it to everyone. the end.

if you want to spread the word about Iran, you should spread the word of our fine writers in the middle east who are blogging their booties off in the Babylon & Beyond blog