its this girls birthday

shes timeless

winner over of every lover, my truest was born when a commotion in heaven sent one busty angel into isla vista when no one was looking.

craziest thing, i met her at a party when i was in love with jeanine, but i was so in love with her there was no other girls in town. xcept for that one time when those two came over to “listen to music”, but i digress.

chris’s birthday is today and maybe one reason i love her so is because she hasnt shot me yet. it isnt pleasant to be around me for long periods of time. i’ll even take pictures when yr sleeping.

chris lives in a bad part of california. i wont even go down there. but she is quite possibly moving to a great part of california: 90069. for real.

but shes resisting it. no problem in deepest darkest afrique but the possibility of living in LA makes her hesitate like a young doe.

i know a lot of girls who enjoy games.

like game night games, pervs.

shes good at the games and plays seriously. my strategy is to play ridiculously.

but when she plays you can see something at work in there different. and its cute.

and its no wonder that uganda is fixed now, well mostly, all because she was there.

id like to buy her a necklace that says gemini in cursive with diamonds on it but i just saw blood diamond and im not that romantic.

for the record steve o is totally straight edge now

when he walked up the aisle last night at the movies and sat down next to me

i wanted to say something as a little ice breaker. anything other than omg steve-o!

so i said, hope you brought the ganj, bro cuz im all out

and he said ahahah im 15 months sober

i was all, so you were telling Howard Stern the truth?

steve said, yep, infact see this tattoo? it used to be a pot leaf

and he showed me the underside of his wrist that had a tattoo of a palm tree.

after the film everyone went to the swanky roosevelt where lilo and paris hang

and steve o and his gf went home. sober. hand in hand. very sweet

i went to a movie premiere tonight in hollywood

bunch of famous stars and athletes were there

went with my college roommate who rules eternity

one of the hilton sisters was there

but the best was because we were on the red carpet for most of the begining part
we didnt have a good seat for the movie itself,
so we sat all the way in the back row

right next to steve o and his super cool girlfriend.
swear to god.

afterwards we all partied at the roosevelt across the street
and the whole time i thought of u