11 year old graduates from LA College

and he loves Bruce Lee.

for those of you who feel like scoffing, heres an interesting fact about California and education…

only 50% of kids graduate from high school here

and only 10% graduate from college

so any 11 year old who can get an AA degree deserves a high five. or several.

(i didnt graduate from Santa Monica College till i was 21 – and it took me 2 1/2 years… which shouldnt be a surprise to those of you know know me)

this one came in late for axe tony

but its a good one, so lets rock

sweaty hermit: if your ex-bestfriend f-ed your ex-husband when she was still your bestfriend but you’d moved to a different city when it happened and she was really having a hard time at the time and your ex was a super a-hole who you married under the influence (to say the least) on a trip to vegas and it’s all said and done now and you were young and your now exbestfriend wants to be friends again should you forgive and make up or should you forget her forever because the guy was a real douche and you were pretty much fully insane in self-destruct mode when you did it and how assy he was can’t be overexaggerated and that’s more the crime than the fucking your ex thing meaning it’s worse to f the ex who was evil like what the hell was she hanging out with him anyway and err um yeah, well?

ive never understood the unwritten law that states that friends cant date the exes of friends. doesnt it seem natural that if a group of friends share similar interests and find one another interesting, that once they become single that theyd naturally be attracted to each other based on a wide variety of factors ranging from shared interests, shared experiences, familiarity, proximity, etc?

not only have many of my friends dated each other but a large percentage of them married each other Despite the fact that they had omg dated some of our other friends!

life is so freakin short, people should love/date/kiss whoever they want