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mary writes: my boss [at a small company where i can’t even check gmail at lunch] asked me to sign my contract by tomorrow morning. on Friday i hear back if i get a job at ABC. i don’t know whether to sign it so i have rent money fo shizzle or not sign it, leave and hope i get the ABC gig.

i dont know what to do because it’s just a matter of TWO days but i’ve pushed signing the contract as long as i could. thanks. ps i want you BADLY.

theres an old saying “a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.”

however theres an older saying that goes, “if the bossman wont let you check your gmail then youre not working in the ideal workplace.”

so id tell your current boss this, “When I make a commitment to someone, I want that commitment to be rock solid. I want my boss to know that i am serious about the job for as long as we have agreed to work together. And I want to work in a place that really understands me, and a place where i can grow. Therefore I’d really like just a few more days to sign anything.”

I know your boss might feel like he’s given you enough time, but if you say “Monday you will get your answer, i promise.” then what can he do? cant fire you.

he could pout, but whatevs.

only if he literally cries are you in trouble.

so i say delay the process till you see if ABC is really interested. and if you like ABC better than where you are at, then jump ship.

one thing you should know about this world, only the bloggers are loyal. everyone else is out for themselves. other thing you should know: the world is crazy right now. you should look out for your best interests.

be honest. be a good person.

but most of all be good to yr self.

ps nice dirty feet

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