control is an illusion

cubs fans are so frustrated that how can you blame a bleacher bum for throwing a beer at one of the enemy’s many all stars, all of whom have rings. the hope of which cub fans see slipping away from them for the 101st year in a row.

almost as many years as pedro martinez has been playing baseball. yes, that pedro, the game winning pitcher.

if only all our problems could be solved as easy as a ten dollar beer on a multi million dollar switch hitter from maui.

but it’s wrong.

throwing beer.

and what’s wronger still is letting someone else take the wrap for you.

an innocent man.

a fellow cub fan.

and all of it encompasses just a a few shades of what its like to be a cub fan.

youre basically screwed forever.

which is why you should drink the nice beer, and not throw it.

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