if i wasnt already gainfully employed,

man would i love driving this ice cream truck

one of my favorite summers was when i was in college and i was an ice cream man guy for Bimbos Ice Cream in buffalo grove, mundelion, and the north west suburbs of chicago.

but to drive around a huge city like LA would be a piece of cake because one of the problems about ice cream mandering in IL is you have to drive through endless amounts of cornfields to get to the towns where you have a permit.

here in LA you can drive around anywhere and you just have to make sure to look out for gangmembers, petty thieves, and mudslides.

i got hit up all the time back in the day for weed and coke and even baseball cards, but i kept it simple: just ice cream and popsickles.

yes id flirt at a hot mom once in a while, but i was lucky that summer and i had a nice young college girl to think about on my long drives home.

after id get all that ice cream truck stench + sweat from the 100 degree temps washed off, id drive out to park ridge and mess around with my lovely who was getting in her last hurrahs before getting hitched.

i saw her on facebook the other day and i sighed cuz she looked pretty much exactly the way i expected her to look, 76 years later, and i saw she had the last name of her bf at the time, so it looks like sowing her wild oats didnt ruin her future.

and in a way im glad she never tracked me down, or let on that she had found me.

but if you have baby that was one of the best summers ever. mostly due to you.

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