these fridays race towards us like theyre answering a beckoning call

and since its friday, please join in on the best part of the busblog, your questions

then watch them get answered and watch yr dreams come true.

heck its working for me. last month at work we had five blogs that went over 1 million pageviews.

when i started we had zero blogs over a million and now look at us. not saying i had anything to do with it, but i sure had a nice seat to watch it happen.

long time ago the goal at LAist was a half million. then the goal was 1 million. when i left we had quadrupled the times’ best blog. so yes 1 million a month has always been a milestone.

in fact when i started i promised lindsay my office mate, that i would wear dress pants every day at work until we had two blogs over 1 million. i think with 5 blogs over the top i should be allowed to wear shorts now.

photo by John Wayne Maioriello

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