nine years ago today the busblog was born

the story has been told a million times.

the results have been listed a half million times.

but basically one day i was bored and disgruntled at work, i read online about, i created this thing in a matter of minutes and within two months hundreds of thousands of people were here.

from that came jobs, gifts, friends, babes, vacations, books, awards, opportunity, even the car i drive.

the busblog has been a wellspring that has never stopped flowing.

true, because of this reason or that, the content has mellowed and thus the popularity has waned, but every day there’s something new here and every day people come.

the lesson of this low-fi very basic blog that’s produced over 7,250 posts is that dreams can really come true

and that your life is yours to create.

you dont have to be good lookin, you dont even have to be all that talented, all you have to do is be dedicated (or obsessive), be genuine in your intentions, and trust the universe.

i cant tell you how blessed i feel because of this adventure that we have taken together. almost everything good thats come my way since college has direct roots to this url. its an embarrassment of riches.

and i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

happy birthday busblog

something that would be nothing if not for you, the loyal readers.