dear fake marisa gabrielson

thank you for inviting me to be your 8th friend on facebook.

something troubles me though.

how does such a pretty young lady allegedly working somewhere as interesting as the Los Angeles Times only have 7 friends on facebook?

also, how is it that i dont remember seeing you around the building and yet you want me to be your 8th friend?

did you hate everyone at Laguna Beach High AND everyone at your college?

also, why are the only friends you have on facebook guys? do you hate all women too?

meanwhile who is this marisa gabrielson who bears a striking resemblance to you, who, like so many pretty young ladies does not share her private information to plain old strangers on the web. and she, I would hazard to guess, has hundreds of facebook friends

because she is really marisa

and not some shady spam-based operation waiting to lure horny weird men into their trap and unleash some ungodly web-based chicanery upon their computer for no extra charge.

real spam dude behind fake babe profile, why on earth would you target the LA Times, an organization that could easily investigate whats behind all this tom foolery and out you faster than you could say chimichanga (for no other reason than its fun to say chimichanga)?

you sound like someone dying to get caught.

which is what will happen to you, by us, or by someone. dont worry.

and if youre lucky someone like marisa will sue you for how youve damaged her in some way.

which is why i intentionally spelled her name wrong

on this sacred blog.

it’s friday

which means omg its Answers from Tony

what are your thoughts on the proposed weezer tour where they play two nights in each city, first night they play the blue album start to finish and second night pinkerton?

i have several thoughts.

first you should know that both of those records are two of my faves of all time.

you should also know that both of those records are pretty short (Blue Album is 41:17, Pinkerton is 34:36). and we all know =w= isnt hurtin for cash. and we know Rivers is a spiritual man and therefore wouldnt seriously charge fans $$$$ to see two shows when conceivably the band could do both albums in one night.

because im olde i actually saw the first blue album tour and weezer played all of it plus a few b-sides at the Universal Amphitheater (as it was called then) and it was a great show but it felt abbreviated because most of those songs are short and feel shorter.

if i was the weeze and i wanted to plant my flag id do the blue record first have a cute intermission where, i dont know, The Rentals would come out and play 4-5 songs, then id come out with Matt Sharp and do Pinkerton, and bust out some metal classics for the encore with Matt and the Rentals all on stage.

now that would be a concert.

anything else would border on gimmickry, novelty, and things-unlike-weezer.