remember who you are

learn yr strengths and dig in to them.

while youre young accept new challenges, and remember if youre breathing youre young.

do a few things that force you to be patient, which might require you to not do a damn thing.

if you havent learned something valuable for your job, dont go home yet.

have a hero and mimic them privately, have them be your fantasy mirror.

trust people. love people. and if you must hate them, do it quickly and then find something admirable and make that your new secret nickname for them.

remember who you are. remember who you used to be. and remind yourself who you wanna be.

its never too late to be great. its never to soon to shoot for the moon.

now is as good as later,

in fact its a little better.

this girl was trying to hit on me

or pickpocket me. either way she was looking at my palm

what is your best trait she asked.

once i cycled through all the sophomoric semi dirty comebacks i discovered a grain of truth

i dont whine.

in nine years on the busblog how many times have you heard me actually whine?

sure there will be complaints about this or that, hopefully those are either funny or intense. but whining? hardly ever.

thats not much different than in my real life.

just like you, theres lots of things that i could focus on that are annoying or stupid or downright bad. but i think the difference between whiners and busbloggers is if you can move on, move around the dumbness, or fix the issue.

im one who enjoys fixing the pothole instead of griping about it all day. theres too many positive things in life to obsess over.

like college babe pickpocketers with lipstick on their teeth.

im thinking about going to san dieger this weekend

to see da bears

and also to see danielle.

because youre sick of these pictures of food and i know you want another danielle photo shoot

and im sure you want a photo essay of bears fans in san dieger.

i saw the dumbest idea ever yesterday in regards to the internet.

which is saying something because over the years ive seen some dumb dumb stuff.

and i try to be careful with that word because deep down people are trying to do the right thing and be smart and be successful.

but clearly this idea was from someone who stinks at the internet

and instead of asking someone who doesnt stink at the internet, they were seriously about to impose the dumbest idea ever upon those who dont stink at the internet.

i write this not to feel superior to anyone or to make fun, but as a reminder

mostly to myself

that there are some things that im definately no expert at

and i should check myself before i force super stupid crap on people – some of whom may be geniuses in a field in which im an amateur.

other day i had an idea about something and someone disagreed.

so i went to some one super smart and he came over and gave his point of view. and i said ah.

and it was like both of them were waiting for me to fight them. and i said, why would i do that? you both had reasonable explanations, and i value your experience.

they looked at me like i was from some foreign planet.

little do they know.