lookee here, it’s Mark Milian once again

explaining a new facebook feature

with David Sarno, and special guest Dan Gaines.

very funny way to talk about a new feature in a way big newspapers rarely do.

also tip of the hat to Tim French who filmed it and Myung who cut this video.

Tim was my guy when i interviewed Hef and Bruce Willis and Myung was my dude whene I went to the mansion for Halloween. They rock mightilly.

the truest wanted to go to the so so sushi place

i was all, f that, you deserve the best, lets do it right

hot sake is so good. you try to only have one large but a small bottle always gets ordered later.

this is what the sushi chef looks like after a beer and some sake

the fish in the back was some wild japanese mystery that was sooooo good. in front (outta focus) is the sawara

wild sake salmon in the back cold chillin

lincoln blvd., btw, near the Custom Hotel

sauteed mushrooms and japanese green peppers

in the back is the toro that makes girls squeal in delight and up front was an aja that was so great

they can even make potatoes taste better than any potatoes youve ever had

end it all with some green tea ice cream. not pictured, the lobster roll. meal for two is over a hundy so save up, however so worth it.