people say sarah palins dumb

but sarah palins not dumb, fox is

how you gonna let this endless supply of fascinating adventures just walk around the globe without being on your channel(s)? wearing your jacket? breaking all records?

fox should look at sarah palin on the discovery channel or cbs or the wasila daily news like bp looked at that oil well when it was spewing liquid gold into the gulf. every day is a wasted one.

the woman who writes on her hands and winks at the camera was put here on earth to get the planet to tune into you, mr murdoch, why are you letting these teachable moments of mrs youbetcha getting schooled by a teacher end up on the youtubes instead of across your networks?

what exactly are you waiting for – Oprah to retire?

people who like her like you. it’s like glen beck all over again.

except she means it!

and then youve got the first dude trying to block out the guy holding up the phone cam

and then youve got one of the daughters defending the mother.


come on foxy, then you have the boots.

wanna see something cool?

wanna see something we’ve been working on for months?

wanna see something that will probably be either the #1 LA Times blog or #2 LAT blog in a few months and give the #1 LAT blog a run for its money each month?

ladies and gentlemens, children of all sizes, i present to you

FRAMEWORK, the Los Angeles Times Photo Blog

even though today is the day it launched theres lots to play around with

for example, check out the Pictures in the News

How about seeing our trippy panorama of X-Games?

what about some photo tips?

we can even do video large and in charge, including this new one with DJ Cut Chemist, or this Emmy-nominated video of the Alabama Homeboys

so play!

didnt get a new car this weekend

i keep getting wildly different numbers from people.

its actually making it easier (and cheaper) to just fix the old car, than to get something new

also the back seat of the Camaro is so small that only lil people could fit back there

so i guess there will be no new ride in my future for a lil while.