i dont have a lot of dreams when i sleep

and i like it better that way

i think my dreams know that too. and get sad.

so they sneak into my head in the day time when i can write em down on here.

or whisper em in the ears of blushing girls.

but last night i had a dream.

probably due to the fact that i radically changed my diet this week.

i dreampt i was in this plane that had six seats from the window to the aisle.

somehow i was on the aisle seat even though in real life i only sit next to the window.

and i sat there and i thought now what happens if i wanna fall asleep and while im asleep someone needs to take a leak.

which is an odd thing to think because i was already asleep.

next thing i know im walking through a baseball field.

in this crazy dream world when you change planes you have to walk through a major league baseball field.

i find myself standing in line in the bullpen. kids are asking players for their autographs.

one kid sees me and holds out a piece of paper.

i realize im wearing my typical cubs hat. and i see im in the cubs bullpen.

so i take the paper, find an empty spot on it

and sign it busblog.