i am procrastinating something super big

kim and amberthe question is why?

most of me knows this would be a fantastic thing. most of me knows this would help people including myself and people i like. a real win-win.

and its so weird. all i have to do is write it down.


ive been writing since i was in the womb! (sorry ma)

and i did start writing it a few weeks ago but now i dont even wanna read what i wrote back then. all ive gotta do is go back to it, edit it, improve on it and send it off.

the person i need to send it to likes me (i think) and respects me (i think) and would probably say oh hell yes (i think). and thats the way you should write people. make believe they cant wait to read what youre about to say.

but what if im wrong? what if its a bad idea. what if it would hurt the reputation of this person? what if it makes me look like a doo doo head. BUT I AM A DOO DOO HEAD! i am a doo doo head with a great idea. (the best kind of doo doo head.)

tonight i should really do this, but tonight i wanna see a screening of Creed. i also want to Uber because i havent Ubered successfully in a while. last night i drove around and made zero dollars. my jack in the box budget is more than zero dollars. so the plan is to uber for a few hours after work and then see this Oscar nominated film.

but then when will i have time to write this groundbreaking email? tomorrow?

fine, tomorrow.


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