i once had a boss who hated me

prince passportduring one of our many private meetings where he tried to ridicule me

he accused me of being cool.

it was a while ago but i think he said something like “and you walk around trying to be sooooo coooool…”

i was all, boss, i wear rock tshirts, jeans and a cubs hat, you think that’s me trying to be cool?

keep in mind, i didnt even have a car at the time. i rode the bus everywhere.

anyways, today, just like then, i felt that there was a level of coolness that i have never and will never reach, and that is Prince.

Prince is old enough to be a grandfather. Lord knows Tyga’s doorman would have let him into that club the other night.

And best of all today he released his new passport photo, because I think even Prince knew he looked like a sexy MF.

but when you look at this picture and try to figure out what makes it cool it isnt the amazing jacket or trippy Carlos Santana shirt

it’s not the Lenny Kravitz afro or Liza Minelli eyelashes

it’s that thin, barely there, Latin-influenced moustache

and pucker.

which all comes from heavy doses of attitude.

something i definitely had way back in the day, so maybe i was emitting some essence of cool.

but it sure as hell wasn’t Prince level.


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