we are all africans

tumblr_o0sfkn6saY1qz72h4o1_r3_250imagine if you were able to teach your dog how to do morse code

and at first you think he got lucky

but then you realize he really knows what hes saying

when he taps on the floor,

Alpo is disgusting. i thought you loved me.

for all we know, our words, our tweets, our blog posts

our songs

are all being broadcast to ends of the universe.

and who knows, maybe something will leak out

tumblr_o0sfkn6saY1qz72h4o4_r4_250to someone far far far far far away.

and they’ll say to their friend,

i heard the weirdest thing last night

through the buzz and static and nonsense

i could have sworn i heard someone say

we are all africans.

so i researched africa

and it’s this giant continent

on a planet called earth

in the milky way galaxy.

turns out, africa is hugely influential on the planet

it’s where a good deal of its most popular music is derived fromtumblr_o0sfkn6saY1qz72h4o5_r4_250

an ungodly amount of exotic plants, animals and minerals,

but ironically one of the least powerful

and poor

places on the entire globe.

and do you know why?

neither do they.

well let’s help them, the one says to the other.

i was thinking the same thing, the other says to the one.

but should we? should more advanced creatures


others, simply because they seem interesting and deserving?

shouldnt they figure it out on their own?

what if they never figure it out, asked the one.

tumblr_o0sfkn6saY1qz72h4o6_r4_250they will, eventually, the other told the one, but what a waste of time struggling to get there.

imagine what they could have done with that time if they had known.

and selfishly, imagine what they could contribute to us.

and a sound unlike one they had never heard before whispered.

we should do it said the one.

it is done said the other.

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