did i drink a lot of margaritas last night?

seanaor was it the perfect amount of margaritas?

we were celebrating two special occasions: charlie at (not pictured) returning to silver lake to visit and say hi

and seana fitt returning to LA to say hi.

when it comes to good friends i have an embarrassment of riches, which i am always surprised about because when i moved to LA i knew nobody here. and i knew even fewer when i transferred to UCSB.

all through grade- and high school i knew everyone, so was i a little nervous that it would be hard for me to start with a fresh slate? of course. but like minded people congregate to each other very naturally as long as you’re open to it, which is beautiful.

anyways seana told me last week that she was gonna be in town and we should hang. i told her lets hang on weds because by then i should be bouncing back from the exhaustion of the oscars.

meanwhile young mr hornberger was rounding up peoples to drink with and all the stars aligned and so many good people arrived including one of jeanine’s old grade school friends who interned at KROQ during the 80s so of course i had a million questions.

and she had answers.

as it happens with most parties i wish i could have cloned myself into 88 mes so i could have good long chats with everyone but maybe you get to do that in heaven. here you get to drink, eat nachos, and thank your lucky stars.

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