i like players who are exciting

pete rosecall me crazy.

one day the cubs were playing the philadephia phillies and for some reason i was at the game.

i dont know why but i didnt hate pete rose. if anything i was on the fence about him because he had never hurt the cubs, and he beat the AL in the world series all the time i bet on him.

later in his career they moved him over to first base and in the first inning, after the cubs had made their last out on a ground out, Pete spiked the ball super hard in the grass and it rolled over to the mound

and everyone booed like crazy.

and i thought this is the greatest thing ever.

because you can get people to react when you get a hit or snare a line drive, or bowl over their catcher or injure their shortstop

but who knew you rile them up a second after the inning was over?

this, the game pretty boy Bryce Harper thinks is boring.

your obsession with hair care products are boring, Bryce, not the national pasttime.

there was never anything boring about Pete Rose, not when he was in the box, on the bases, or running off the field to a torrent of summertime chicago hate.

so of course he would autograph a baseball to Donald Trump.

for the right price he’ll autograph a baseball to you

and he’ll write anything youd like him to say


pete baseball

and run straight to the bank with that goofy smile of his

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