Jeopardy accused of being sexist

Jeopardy one of my favorite movie bloggers is ms. marya gates who until today was at Rotten Tomatoes but now shes heading over to TCM (congratulations!)

last year on her tumblr she focused some of her writing about films directed by women. i was definitely enlightened.

marya must be a big Jeopardy watcher too because today she wrote something fascinating today that only a real fan would have noticed:

I wrote to you guys about two weeks ago after tracking how often (and by often I mean how NOT OFTEN AT ALL) you mentioned women in your clues. I spent the last few weeks tallying it as well and it has remained horribly grim.

Tonight (3-4) for example you had BOOK SONGS, and all five songs were written by men. You also had NON FICTION, and all five books were written by men.

You did have an entire category on Scarlett Johansson Roles, but the last time you did Movie Roles literally the only woman you mentioned was also Scarlett Johansson. Thousands and thousands of actresses in the history of cinema and the only six questions you’ve done in the last three weeks about women movie roles are all about the same actress?!?!?!?!

I’ve been live-tweeting (@oldfilmsflicker) about this blatant sexism as I watch and I will continue to do so. I hope you improve soon, or this is looking to be a really bleak season for me and for all women and for all men, really. No one is done justice when you ignore the achievements of women.

Jeopardy, you of all shows should be doing better and the fact that you are not does not give me hope for the rest of our society.

something tells me something good will come from this

but i worry because this isn’t the first time the popular game show has been accused of sexism.

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