last night i picked up a long time busblog reader

todd francisi was minding my own business, circling the big buildings around century city, wondering if it was even worth it any more now that the century plaza will be closed for several years as they renovate

and i got a ping from one of the towers near CAA.

nice guy climbs in wants to go to western and wilshire. fine with me.

as we get going it’s obvious hes a lawyer: super smart, great vocabulary, well versed. he tells me he used to work at the LA Times in the 80s. i tell him i used to work there too, but more recently.

eventually he says, wait, i know you. how dumb! youre tony pierce!

i was all, yep!

he said, i should have known from the license plate!

i was all, ha!

he said, the busblog is groundbreaking. i remember you wrote once about the girl who got away. i printed it out.

i was like they all got away. which one?

we drove down wilshire trying to remember and he complimented me more. then said how about we go to union station.

so we blow past the wiltern and keep moving.

great convo continues and he’s telling me about the history of modern banking, obama’s flaws, printing presses, and he says lets go to Pasadena. so we go.

i tell people all the time that they should be blogging. it doesnt even have to be about their real lives. it could be about anything. but they have stories. You have stories. tales that wont get you fired.

i promise you.

and you never know, one day when you least expect it someone might say they remember you and something you wrote is on their wall or in a folder or tattoed onto their arm.

or best of all, in their heart.

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