Jian Gets Off

Jian Ghomeshi

there will be a day when women who are sexually abused will find justice

that day is not today, not even in beautiful Canada,

Jian Ghomeshi

i did not follow the Jian Ghomeshi case closely because here in the USA it was not big news. even today, the day of the verdict, it’s not on tv. but from what i have read, he admitted he punched and choked women but the judge did not believe the women’s testimony.

because of stats like the ones above, which are sadly quite similar here in the States, many women don’t even press charges because they know they’ll face judges like the one today who said basically “BS, youre lying.

two things will cause change: women video documenting Everything and/or women carrying weapons.

justice would be easier, but it seems impossible right now. tragically.

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  1. Yesterday we have Rush Limbaugh telling women they should be grateful they are good looking enough to be sexually harassed. Those aren’t his exact words but that’s the spirit of what he sad.
    This stuff makes me embarrassed to be a man sometimes.

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