thanksgiving in march

canon girlevery now and then its good to count one’s blessings.

i’ll start.

i’m healthy as a horse. a not-sick horse. i dont think ive been sick in over a year.

my back is better after my trip to arizona and the hot tub aerobics i did there that one day.

the cubs are gonna win the world series. im gonna see bruuuuuuuce with my buddy greg on saturday.

im going hiking with a pretty girl this weekend. i have a cool car. i have a messy room but no one cares.

i have a fun job where i learn every day. i get to listen to great music and talk to the smartest people.

i have a balanced budget. my college girlfriend makes great food for me almost every day.

it’s 80 degrees here today and for lunch we’re gonna have tacos and booze and then dessert.

my side job is fun, i meet the coolest people and drive around the greatest town south of isla vista.

i have three tvs, actual high speed internet, so much candy it’s like it’s halloween.

and i have the greatest friends in the world who try to make my life even better

and i super totally appreciate that. a lot!

wanna see something funny? today is Jerry Lewis’ 90th birthday

there was a time when the Oscars didn’t run over, in fact in 1959 it went short

so the producers asked Jerry to stretch for like 5 minutes,

the results, as you could imagine, were very funny


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