my prediction: uber tanks or increases fares


because of – and only because of – this promotion Uber is running, i have been driving non-surge uber x trips with my benz and it’s pathetic.

i drove over 6 hours yesterday from hollywood to the beach and back several times. up in the hills… everywhere. $60.

12 trips, $60. that means i pocketed about $5 a ride.

fortunately a super beautiful tall black model tipped me $10 after i showed her the hooka spots on hollywood blvd.

and a wealthy lawyer from los feliz tipped me $10 after i told him he fascinating tale of Griffith W. Griffith which he will probably now turn into a major motion picture starring Steve Buchemi with music from Tom Waits.

im doing it because the goal seems impossible: do 75 trips and if you do you get $500.

im a weirdo about goals. i love to attain them.

probably because the love of my life, The Chicago Cubs, has never attained the only goal that matters in my lifetime.

you drive people places and you think, surely this is worth some money and you see it was worth a fraction and you look at yourself in the mirror and you say, Uber is pulling a Digg. they are shooting themselves in the foot – intentionally, for no good reason. this is an unforced foul. they are on top of the world, everyone loves them, they are bleeding money, therefor the most obvious thing to do is Increase fares so the good drivers will stay

but instead they continue to lower the fares which means only the desperate will be drivers

and as we know, the drivers are not just the face of the company, they are the key to the product.

they are the product.

imagine a cow thats being fed the worst, cheapest food and only a sprinkle of water. what sort of hamburger will they produce?

people are blown away by my car, my attitude, my tales, my routes, my smooth rides, my killer tunes, water, phone charger, and sage advice for the broken hearted.

this is what Uber needs to foster more of, instead they chase us away with their laughable fares.

i took these two dudes from the Hollywood Palladium to Brennan’s in Venice, home of the famous turtle races.

i got paid $16 for the pleasure of the cross town journey.

a little more than a year ago that was double, as it should be, and no one cared. why? because it was still nearly half of what it cost for a cab.

and it was better. and i played zep the whole time until the dude from philly said Hey this is the 20th anniversary of Biggie’s death, so i played Mo Money Mo Problems and we all sang along.

the fat lady is gonna sing for your favorite ride sharing app if the fares dont go back up to where they were when people still thought it was cheap.

right now it’s ridic and if it was a car it would get pulled over for suspicion of being on drugs.

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  1. I don’t understand it either. Especially here in Ontario where legality is a grey area and drivers seem like they will at very least be forced into extra insurance.

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