today is Liana’s birthday, shes 24

lianaLiana was born in havana cuba and moved to north carolina when it became obvious that america needed her.

we met when i was just starting this blog and she insulted me and gave me dirty looks and delivered zero signals that she thought i was anything other than an annoying piece of dirt

i believe one day i was trying to AOL instant message her and she told me she had just read this very blog

i think she said, you are a bag of garbage with a hole in the bottom

and as it’s dragged down the street theres a trail of gunk that is left behind

the busblog is that trail.

i instantly fell in love with her


i asked her out over and over and she said no no no.

she made fun of my clothes, my hair, my lack of a car, everything.

but she kept reading this blog which back then did have a magic power.

eventually she gave in and allowed me to take her to a movie, i think. it was so long ago. who knows.

once i invite her to my place. she sat on one side of the couch and wrapped herself in a blanket and wouldnt let me come anywhere near her.

it was the funniest thing id ever seen.

we had many fun times after that and i miss seeing her all the time. but now shes a wife and mom and she has bigger fish to fry than to make me LOL in all her different ways.

but today she turns 24 which is a big deal, so i brushed up on my Cuban, so here goes

bonne anniverarrie, bella chica!

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