the most interesting mayor in the americas has died

rob ford

just as hateable as he was lovable rob ford is no longer smoking crack, drinking beers, or embarrassing our friends the Canadians

cancer got him and got him quick. he’s dead. life is short and if you do it right you will be remembered with a smile on yr face.

i didn’t know much about Ford’s politics, but i am told i would have not agreed with it. thats fine.

he was still a passionate, fascinating character whose accent was as thick as his waistline.

i appreciated that he was a man of the people. i appreciated that he was passionate about Toronto.

i appreciated that he told the press the truth – after he lied a little.

im more sad that he’s dead than lots of politicians who have recently died.

maybe because he reminded me of Chris Farley mixed with a fatter Chris Farley.

Canada should never be ashamed of their most interesting mayor, we know he wasnt Canada.

he was the Canadian guy who couldnt ice skate who for some reason ran out onto the ice with dress shoes.

and now he’s dead.


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