we’re not beverly hills dogs

beverly hills dogswe dont have to just sit there

waiting for our chance to run.

waiting on the benz to slow down over the speed bump

or worse, looking at trees but thinking about a bowl of wet food by the garage door.

the world is our fire hydrant.

there are so many strange butts to sniff

grass to roll around in

full moons to yap at

squirrels to chase

balls to fetch

trucks to get smooshed by

holes to tunnel down

sticks to break

walls to stain

nuts to lick

and babes who wanna pet us.

aint no reason to sit there and watch the world go by because like all those famous ppl sang

we are the world

we are the children

we are the ones playing with julio down by the school yard.

theres no extras in this game called life.

so get ready

cuz thats another speed bump ahead

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