i tried an experiment last night but im no scientist

tumblr_nt9comvtZO1qa0rryo1_500had a couple of fun rides including this group that included these two i picked up at a swanky apartment complex

they had both ordered a pool and it just so happened they were at the same place going to frat row.

on the way the girl goes to the guy, where do i know you, i KNOW you!

he says yeah i know you too, who are your friends? and i was thinking look how cute this gurl is we could be here all night as she lists off all her friends. but she starts anyways because whatevers

finally she says who are your friends. and i was thinking to myself this is no way to deduce.

he goes where do you work. she giggles.

she says where do you work then she says OMG WE WORKED TOGETHER FRESHMAN YEAR IN THE LIBRARY!

turned out he’s now on the football team.

omg youre the kicker, right? she said.

no, safety. but close!

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