the republicans tried to let a retard be president and we got 9/11

trumpand theres part of me that thinks trump is a lucky retard in the same way some people get lucky when they play video games

sometimes if you just smash all the buttons when youre playing a shoot em up game, sometimes you win that level.

im sure trump knows a thing or two about how to get off the hook from being bankrupt

but maybe all he knows is who the right bankers are to ask for forgiveness.

plus didnt he make his money off new york real estate? and didnt he get in when ny real estate was really low and didnt he pretty much just ride the wave as it got really high?

is that smart or is that luck? right place right time?

sometimes i wonder about his confidence. is it confidence or is it the power of positive thinking? the hispanics dont love him and FOR SURE the best taco bowls are not made in Trump Tower Grill.

we know the first isnt true because Trump pinatas are selling at an all-time high.

but now the next time im at Trump Tower Grill imma have to try a taco bowl because im a damn scientist and i want to see really how good they are.

even though they are basically a taco with a wall around them.

they dont look healthy. they look hella fattening and like the lady on instagram writes all the time “you didnt eat that.”

i mean look at that mess. he barely has touched it.

because i like a nice revenge story, i am thrilled that Trump is the GOP nominee and not even the so-called GOP “leaders” want to support him. he’s hurt their widdle feelings. he beat all of their best men and women. but seriously who couldnt beat lying ted, little marco, crazy ben carson, low energy Jeb, and the rest of the morons in that clown car of dont tax the rich and dont let women have control over their own bodies?

so i am happy that Hillary will be able to do the actual worst thing the GOP could imagine: regaining the White House and filling DC with women, minorities, transgenders, leftists, socialists and true liberals.

sure shes probably gonna get us into a war or two that we shouldnt be in because she will think that she has to prove that the first female president isnt a pushover, but

maybe, just maybe, she wont take the bait. maybe she will say, human life is more important than politics.

and maybe she will be more concerned with stacking the supreme court with the most pinko libs archie bunker could have ever imagined.

and thus her revenge will last for decades.

taco bowls in every driveway, amigos.

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